Marketing Strategies for Small Business that Work in 2019

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Marketing Strategies for Small Business that Work in 2019

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Marketing strategies for small business can seem a catch-22. On the one hand, rarely can owners of small business delegate marketing strategies to a professional.


Realistic Marketing Strategies for Small Business


Limited budget and the lack of experienced staff are the main reasons why owners of small businesses decide to work on marketing themselves. On the other hand, marketing is not something one can master within a day. At least, this is what most novices believe. As a result, marketing strategies remain terra incognita for many entrepreneurs. To help those entrepreneurs, we have compiled a practical guideline with the best ways to market a small business in 2019.

Build the Community


Idea #1. Get socially involved


It is easier to find marketing advice for small businesses if you are looking in the right places. Joining the community of startup owners can help you learn from their ups and downs. In other words, stay in touch with other businesses in your area. Conferences, workshops, and other gatherings for entrepreneurs are excellent places to look into existing working mechanisms of marketing your business.


Idea #2. Keep your friends close and enemies closer


All successful marketing strategies for small business require an analysis of immediate competitors. It is critical to know what and how your competitors are promoting their services and products at the moment. There are different ways of how to conduct such an analysis. You can start with compiling a list with competitors’ slogans or looking through the comments on their social media pages. The main thing is that you can find a market niche where your business will flourish.


Think Big


Idea #3. Visualize your ideal customer


To develop and implement effective marketing strategies for small business, you need to know who your clients are. Sure thing, age, social status, and gender are the key factors you should consider. However, to find the best ways to market a small business, you need to get more detailed on who your company is for.

Think of when your clients get up and go to bed, how they get to work, and where they usually eat. Use this information to reach your target audience directly. For instance, if your clients are mainly commuters, then it makes sense to advertise your products in public transport. Knowing your client base helps to launch successful Facebook ad campaigns as well.


Idea #4. Pretend to be successful


Many owners of small businesses do not spend enough time on finding their perfect brand names, choosing dominant colors, and creating a website. Yes, these operations require extra time and budget. But without a functioning website that looks consistent with your logo and a business card, all your marketing efforts can be in vain.

That is why you start building a presence on the market from the very beginning as if you are one of the leaders in your market niche. In case this task sounds too complicated, you can always go for web design services that include branding packages. Believe it or not - creating a digital strategy for small business is possible only if you know who you are as a business.



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Idea #5. Balance your marketing strategies for small business wisely


It is a well-established fact that today’s boom of social media can benefit a small business big time. That is why small business owners tend to make a mistake of creating pages for their business on all social media available to them. How smart is that? To begin with, an active business presence on social media is successful only if an owner knows these media inside out as a regular user.


Having several social media profiles for small business also implies a couple of extra hours of work every week. So, our marketing advice for small companies is to stay realistic about your social media presence. Sometimes, one visually engaging and regularly updated account on Instagram is much better than several forgotten business profiles on all the other social media.


Idea #6. Change the focus


There are many different ways to promote your products and services online, with direct mail and social media being the top choices for a digital strategy for small business. Though these methods remain valid in 2019, you as a small business owner need to rethink the content you are sharing.


It may be an eye-opener to you, but most of your prospective clients are annoyed after opening another purely promotional letter early in the morning. As there is a tendency to spend more time online these days, people get really protective of their personal time. That is why you need to make sure that you focus on entertaining content rather than promotional.




Idea #7. Optimize time


If you do not offer a revolutionary new product, be patient about how quickly you get the first results especially if you are managing marketing yourself at the moment. At the same time, make sure that you spend your time on marketing strategies for small business wisely. For instance, learn to automate your email flows. Newcomers to your website will love to get a welcoming letter just like shoppers might find a reminder about abandoned cart on your website useful.

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Idea #7. SEO

Search engines optimization aka SEO has to be on your list of marketing strategies for small business. The way search engines see your website predetermines how much your target audience knows about your business. Of course, the most important (and the most time-consuming) SEO-optimisation factor is captivating content. Sadly enough, you can not create it overnight. What you can do though is create a Google Analytics account and register a Google My Business profile. These free tools allow you to promote your small business quickly even with zero expertise in marketing.

The Potential of Marketing Strategies for Small Business

To tell the truth, it is not crucially important to have a Master degree in marketing to find your perfect niche. It is also not that vital to set a big budget for marketing. What matters is how persistent you are. Start marketing your business by building the community. To achieve that, track the progress of other local companies in the area, including your immediate competitors. The second important factor is thinking big.

Do your best to brand your products after visualizing your ideal customers in details. The third factor is all about digitizing your marketing strategies. Stay realistic about the number of social media channels you need to use for your business and make the entertaining content your priority. The last factor is optimizing everything you can along the way. Make sure that you automate email flows and pay attention to SEO. Once you implement all the strategies above, your business will benefit significantly from its marketing efforts.