Consulting Management Services

Valuable Expertise and Guidance

Whether you’re already well-established SMB or a start-up beginning its way, you make decisions about your business every day. Running a company can be challenging, especially when you need to modify working process or improve results. Horizons Live team of consulting management services is guiding businesses in Florida at every stage of business development.

We are focused on the result, so we provide your SMB or start-up with online and offline consultations during the business running process, including one-on-one coaching. Our consulting management services are created to give you the necessary knowledge and tools to manage every function of your business with confidence.


Our Consulting and Management Services

  • Business Plan

The business plan serves as the foundation of your start-up. However, businessmen usually concentrate more on creating goods or services, recruiting employees, and finding target customers. We, at HorizonsLive, realize how to develop a qualitative business plan for a start-up or an SMB. Our consultants have significant experience creating plans which work and assisting firms in starting their businesses.


  • Workforce Management

Our consulting management services firm is qualified for workforce management, including plan, sourcing, implementation, and maintenance of high-level labor solutions. Hiring a workforce management consultant is often necessary to maximize your workforce and time effectiveness. Experts at Horizons Live can easily troubleshoot your team’s weak points and offer solutions to solve them and bring your business to the excellent state.


  • Recruiting

Our team at Horizons Live can fulfill your company's recruitment requirements taking into account domestic and international employees. We are ready to consistently provide the strategic means of solving a recruiting problem or dealing with a difficult situation. Horizons Live facilitate building successful executive teams for start-ups and SMBs. We can be helpful in searching for permanent, temporary and contract jobs, with early and renovation stage SMBs, providing great recruitment service and consulting management services.