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Thank you for your interest in Horizons Live. We are currently not entertaining any new positions. Should our needs change in the future, we will post new job openings on this page, right under this notice.


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Be aware

Guidelines to follow for safe job searching

Please be aware that there has been a recent spike in falsely misleading activities online designed to focus on job seekers. Some individuals have used job posting platforms to post unauthorized job openings and mimic companies in the process with the intent of capturing personally identifiable and /  or financial information.


Although we do not pretend to advice towards any definitive course of action, we do strongly recommend that you use best practices and sound judgement during your job search efforts. If you feel like you may have come across such falsely misleading activities, the following options may be available to you and worth serious consideration:


  • Contact the support department of the platform where the job posting was listed. They should have clear direction on how to best move forward. It is possible that they may ask you to forward the link to any fraudulent job posting you may have viewed or applied to on their platform, as well as any letters or job offers you may have received regarding the fraudulent job postings.
  • It is strongly recommended that you take a close look at the domain name that is being used in any email communication follow ups specific to any of these job postings. In many cases, when fraudulent activity is suspected, the domain name for the company is spelled incorrectly on the email. This is referred to as "spoofing". This may be a very clear sign that the job posting is not originating from the company they may claim to be representing. A good course of action may be to completly disregard any attempted comunication regarding these fraudulent job openings and forward them to the support department of the job hosting platform.
  • If you get any text messages regarding the fraudulent job posting, you may choose to take a screenshot of the text and forward that as well, if possible.
  • Make sure you do not share any of your sensitive information at any point.


We share this information as a professional courtesy to our followers and interested ones. Once again, thank you for your interest in Horizons Live.