Professional IT Support

Comprehensive IT Technical Support

Start-ups and established companies have to continuously bridge the gap between existing skills and needed skills when it comes to IT. Horizons Live IT support offers you fast and reliable on-site and remote IT services. Our IT solutions will keep your business moving forward on schedule. Horizons Live IT support will solve any IT issue whenever it occurs and help you avoid its recurring. We can fix each and every problem concerning your hardware or network. Our highly-qualified technicians deliver superior solutions.

Power Surges

PCs as any other item with plugs are vulnerable to power surges and brownouts. The qualified team of Horizons Live IT support specializes in identifying problems caused by a power surge. We can replace the dead hardware, examine your working hardware for damaged circuitry, and prevent the crash of your system by recommending necessary replacement.

LAN Services

A Local Area Network (LAN) is a reliable cost-effective solution to connect the employees within a single office building or several buildings that are close together. This high-speed network links multiple computers to each other as well as to various peripheral devices such as printers. It enables easy data sharing and communication. Whatever type of LAN you choose, Horizons Live IT technical support is eager to design and install it for you.

Our qualified LAN Services include:

  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Server Installation and Configuration
  • LAN Infrastructure Design
  • Network Client Integration and Configuration
  • Messaging System Implementation and Design
  • On-Site LAN and Application Training
  • Internet Services Design, Scaling, and Integration

WAN Services

A Wide Area Network (WAN) will become a perfect choice for the businesses with widespread locations. Such a network is able to cover near infinite geographical distance. It can connect your employees that work not only in different office buildings but in other cities and even countries. When it comes to implementing WAN, Horizons Live IT support Florida is second to none.

Our IT technical support includes:  

  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Infrastructure Equipment Evaluation
  • WAN Capacity and Expansion Planning
  • WAN Architecture and Infrastructure Design
  • Internet Services Design, Scaling, and Integration
  • Multi-Service Integration


  • On-site Support
  • Remote Support

  • Configuration & Management


  • Installation
  • Updates

  • Upgrades