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We are a florida based design and I.T. consulting company that builds brands, websites, and networks. Running a business can be very demanding and your attention should be on business growth. That's why we provide the toolls, knowlegde, and support you need to do just that. 

Prepare for launch 

You'll be connected with a knowledgeable team member for a full consultation, covering your needs, wants, and goals.

We'll organize your existing content into an attractive layout or handle everything from branding, copywriting, and development.

After diligent research, swift development and meticulous testing, we'll deploy your project and empower you to spread the news.

After launching our project and monitor its success, we'll provide proven ways to grow your business.

Established by Hector Torres in 2007, HorizonsLive is a design and I.T. consulting company dedicated to small and medium sized businesses. In offering tailored design, web, social media, network infrastructure, and support solutions for your business, we act as a launching pad to your business growth.


By partnering with companies specializing in web design, hosting, networking, telecom, software, hardware, support, print media, audio, video, and virtual collaboration, we tap into a network of well trained and certified professionals with decades of experience, ready to provide you with the directionyou need to be successful today and for yeasrs to come.


Your business future, your Horizons...Live!

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Lets work together and make this project out of this world. Based on the information you provide here, We'll reach out as soon as possible with a mission brief that will meet each of your specific needs, wants, and goals.


Contact us directly at 1-855-408-3773 or info@horizonslive.com.

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